Swift Internet, LLC is the U.S. management company for the brands below.
We operate AS63294 with an open peering policy.
We are always open to entertaining business purchases, acquisitions, or transfers of VPS, Cloud, Dedicated Servers & Colocation companies.

We operate our own infrastructure + network and are direct to ARIN.
All deals are vetted quickly and close with cash.
Feel free to reach out to acquisitions@swiftinternet.de

SwiftNode Logo

BareMetal Dedicated Servers and Cloud Virtual Private Servers controlled by a powerful and automated self-management portal allowing for immense deployments of infrastructure in multiple locations across the globe.

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320TB Logo

Niche provider of extremely high bandwidth transfer capacities with allocations beginning at 320TB per month and uplink ports of 1Gbps, 2Gbps or 10Gbps!

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EasyDCIM Logo

Automated Datacenter Infrastructure Management platform for datacenters and providers of dedicated servers and colocation.

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RIJX has been developed with exclusive features, such as Snapshot functionality, at its foundation to address the needs of reliable yet affordable VPS hosting. Services are automatically deployed and clients receive an expansive feature-rich control panel for ease of self-management.

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IPV4Less Logo

Just getting IP's from your provider is hard enough now a days, but they also cost a fortune.

IPv4Less was launched to offer painless and affordable IPv4 address leasing to those in need.

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Pacific IDC Logo

Focused exclusively on the needs of our Chinese clientele, PacificIDC is an all Mandarin support and service hosting firm that specializes in ultra-premium dedicated servers, VPS, VPN tunnels and colocation.

The PACIDC network is designed and optimized for ChinaTelecom, ChinaUnicom, and ChinaMobile.

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